The Elegance Energy cocoon is an innovative solution for the bathroom. Thanks to SPA-capsule Elegance you can enjoy relaxing and invigorating SPA-rituals at your home.

The cocoon is equipped with the best thermo- and hydrotherapy functions in order to restore power and energy after a long day, decrease stress levels and strengthen the immune system. The capsule has a beneficial effect on the sensory organs: hearing, sight, smell and touch. The combination of dry infrared and humid steam sauna, hydro-, aroma- and chromotherapy and has an astonishing heath impact, improving blood circulation and internal organs functions, slowing aging processes, normalizing the functioning of the nervous system, making the skin smooth and firm.

With the Elegance SPA cocoon, you can improve the state of your wellbeing by enjoying a variety of SPA treatments in the privacy of your own home.

* The Elegance received an ADEX Award from the Design Journal magazine in 2007. The Award for Design Excellence is given annually by the Design Journal magazine for superior product design of furnishings marketed to the architectural and design trade. The ADEX award is one of the most coveted design awards in the industry.

Categories ,
  • Infrared sauna
  • Steam sauna
  • Aroma therapy
  • Color lights system
  • Music system (MP3)
  • Hydromassage
  • Air bubble massage
  • 6 side jets
  • 6 back massage jets
  • 2 jets for feet
  • 10 bottom air-jets
  • Hand shower


The main treatments in NeoQi® Elegance

  • Steam sauna. A gentle warm mist lightly envelopes the body with moisture, enhancing the relaxation process of both body and mind. Allow yourself a moment of relaxation and an opportunity to escape from daily stress, to meet the next day with a stock of new strength, energy and good mood. Steam sauna increases several times the efficiency of masks and wraps. Thanks to the SPA-capsule Elegance most efficient means for weight loss and cellulite reduction is now possible at home.
  • Infrared sauna is relaxation, invigoration and slenderness. IR effectively relieves pain in the muscles and joints, raises the general energy tone, reduces the appearance of cellulite, helps to deeply relax and lose weight.
  • Hydrofusion. A combination of steam and infrared heat – a revolutionary method of thermotherapy. Within the energy cocoon, a unique environment is created, comparable to being in the womb – overwhelm yourself with a feeling of comfort, spiritual harmony and happiness.
  • Hydrotherapy treatment in the bath with hydro- and air bubble massage. The therapeutic properties of water together with painless massage of problematic areas give the muscles relaxation, restoring skin’s elasticity, softness and firmness. Hundreds of small air bubbles caress your skin, calming the nervous system, eliminating chronic stress and removing mental tensions. Air bubble massage is also an effective means of battling insomnia – after just a few sessions you will feel like your sleep is recovered and normalized.
  • Aromatherapy has a beneficial effect on the emotional state and possesses unique properties of relaxation, helping to completely relieve any stress. With the help of aromatherapy, one can cope with insomnia, depression, and even reduce excessive appetite.
  • Chromotherapy or invigoration through light. Positively affecting the nervous system, has an especially powerful effect in combination with hydro massage. Chromotherapy treatments enhance the ultimate relaxation before going to bed or energize your body prior to the day.