Medica is middle-sized professional hydrotherapy bath, which is a good alternative to the Niagara bath. Medica has the same features, but due to its more compact size, it is perfect for smaller rooms. The hydrotherapy bath is designated for zonal massage by means of automatic water and air supply. All massage features of Medica can be complemented by chromotherapy that allows customers to deeply relax and receive positive emotions from the massage session.

The inside of the tub has an ergonomic shape with a profile for the back and thighs, and protruding armrests that provide maximum comfort to the client throughout the treatment.

  • Hydromassage
  • Air bubble massage
  • Color light therapy (chromotherapy)
  • 6 side jets
  • 8 back massage jets
  • 2 jets for feet
  • 10 bottom air-jets
  • Air-blower system
  • Fast water fill-in and drainage
  • Hand shower


The main treatments in NeoQi® Medica

  • Air bubble and hydro massage represent the automatic functions of the bath. It is an efficient combination of zonal massage with methods of thermo- and hydrotherapy. Warm streams of water gently massage problematic areas of the body, correcting the silhouette, polishing the skin and enriching it with oxygen. Hydromassage sessions help to relieve and solve problems with the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, as well as excessive weight. Air bubble massage delicately affects the muscles, enveloping the body with thousands of swirling air bubbles.
  • Balneotherapy. This is a popular and effective treatment and invigoration method for the body. The bath is filled with warm water with various additives: seaweed, salt, mud, essential oils. In addition to prevention of diseases and stress relief, such treatments also have a beauty effect. Balneotherapy is used to lose weight, hydrate and tonify the skin.
  • Chromotherapy restores energy balance, eliminates stress and strengthens the immune system. The light penetrates the tissues and carries the necessary flow of energy, beneficially affecting the health. Chromotherapy is an effective addition to any hydrotherapy session.