The Bodybase massage table is designed for a full range of SPA treatments for body care. Offer your customers all types of wet massages, a variety of peelings, wraps, and thalassotherapy sessions with algae, salt and mud. The Bodybase massage table is also great for stone therapy — an ancient treatment method with hot and cold stones.

The construction of the table is well thought through until the last detail. An ergonomic bed with heating enables the customer maximum comfort during the treatment.

The slope of the work surface provides unobstructed water and cosmetic products drainage in a special drainage system that is easily connected to the general sewerage system. The presence of a hand shower ensures absolute relaxation and stillness of the customer during ongoing SPA treatments. In addition, the built-in MP3 player helps to create a special acoustic atmosphere, allowing the customer to immerse themselves in a pleasant world of dreams and fantasies.


  • Hand shower
  • Back heating system
  • Music system (MP3)

The main treatments on NeoQi® Bodybase:

  • Wet massage. Massage is an effective preventive, cosmetic and therapeutic modality on the human body. This treatment is beneficial for skin, muscle tissue, nerve, cardio-vascular and respiratory systems. The use of essential oils has an additional positive effect not only on the physical but also psycho-emotional state of a person. Pleasant scents will help the patient to relax quickly and deeply, which makes the massage even more productive and enjoyable.
  • Body exfoliation. This the SPA ritual is able to awaken and deeply cleanse the skin, enriching it with oxygen, start the rejuvenation process, restore elasticity and firmness. Offer your customers an exotic blend of tropical fruits, coffee and dark chocolate, cranberries and sea salt. Peeling is a perfect preparation of the skin for subsequent SPA treatments.
  • Warming and cooling wraps. Body wraps are popular and most pleasant SPA-rituals, aimed at enriching skin with vitamins and minerals, burning fat tissue, as well as recovering, nourishing and rejuvenating skin. After the treatment, the skin is soft, firm and incredibly smooth.
  • Thalassotherapy. Vital power of the ocean helps to invigorate, restore, relax and rejuvenate the body. Thalassotherapy principles are based on the use of seawater, marine salts, seaweeds and mud. During the session, the customer feels the healing atmosphere of best seaside resorts, getting rid of stress, insomnia, seasonal depression and irritability.
  • Stone therapy is not only an effective and popular kind of massage, but it is a way to use nature´s invigorating powers. Stones, being earth-born, have the ability to absorb the powerful energy of all existing elements. Smooth, flat, hot black colored stones and cool white stones relax the muscles, improve oxygen flow of to the tissues and internal organs, accelerate metabolism and help to find inner harmony.