Marine organic cosmetic line of the ESTí brand – it is exclusively designed cosmetics to be used in NeoQi equipment, offering wide range of products and professional treatments.

ESTí cosmetics follows unique technologies based on the use of marine resources in the production of the entire range, designed by professionals in the field of thalassotherapy.

Products and programs with ESTí cosmetics are directed towards:

  • eliminating of the consequences and the presence of chronic fatigue and stress
  • remineralization of the body
  • strengthening atonic areas of the body
  • formation of harmonious silhouette
  • weight loss and slimming
  • powerful detox
  • normalization of metabolism
  • restoring shapes and power

ESTí cosmetics are paraben-free, without any synthetic perfumes and dyes or preservatives. Due to its micronized consistency and water-solubility, the ESTí cosmetics product range is very comfortable and easy to use in all of the NeoQi energy cocoons and baths.

Efficiency, visible, vivid and long-term results, support of each customer – these are the qualities that make ESTí one of the brightest stars of thalassotherapy.

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