• What is an energy cocoon?

A NeoQi® energy cocoon is a compact spa-complex, which allows You to enjoy different thermal and hydrotherapeutic treatments. Thanks to its versatility, the energy cocoon is an indispensable means of face and body care, all within the space of one room.

  • For whom is the NeoQi® equipment meant?

NeoQi® manufactures equipment for modern spa and medical centers, hotels, beauty salons, sanatorium and health resorts as well as for home use. We offer energy cocoons and baths for both professional and home use.

  • For whom are the NeoQi® equipment treatments recommended?

The therapeutic treatments in NeoQi® equipment are suitable for everybody – men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

  • What effect do NeoQi® products have on the body?

NeoQi® energy cocoons and baths have a number of positive effects on the human body, which help:

  • Alleviate stress, regain emotional balance
  • Relieve muscle and nervous tension, reduce pain
  • Prevent and treat illnesses
  • Regulate the metabolism and control the weight
  • Enhance blood and lymph circulation, strengthen the immune system
  • Achieve the unity of soul, body and mind.



  • How can I purchase an energy cocoons/bath?

NeoQi equipment is represented in many countries. You can fill out the request form on our website. We will find the distributor closest to You, and have him contact You. In case we are not represented in Your region/country, we will handle Your request ourselves.

  • What are the installation requirements for the equipment?

The NeoQi® equipment installation is very simple. General technical information is available in the “How it works” section. Detailed installation precondition instructions are also available for any model that You might be interested in.

  • Can I order the installation from the company?

For more detailed information, please refer to Your closest sales representative

  • What are the terms and period of warranty for NeoQi® equipment?

We offer 1 year warranty for all NeoQi products.

Complaints should be directed to the original seller of the device. You will be required to produce the serial number of the device along with the purchase documents.

More detailed warranty terms and conditions can be found in user manuals and in the “Contacts” section.



  • How to use NeoQi® equipment?

We offer each new equipment owner the possibility to participate in a free user training. Each device incudes a detailed user guide for Your specific model.

  • What does the training include and for whom is it meant?

The training is meant for all new and existing NeoQi® equipment users. After the training, You will be able to operate Your device with great ease, understanding all of its functions, knowing exactly when, for how long and why they should be used. You will find out which treatments are possible with NeoQi® products, how and in which order to carry them out, and how to combine them with one another. We recommend using thalassotherapeutic ESTí cosmetics that were developed specifically to be used with our products, in order to enhance the results of the treatments being carried out.

  • Which treatments can be carried out in NeoQi® equipment?

Using just the basic functions of Your device, depending on the specific model, You can carry out the most wholesome and health beneficial treatments, such as: classic sauna treatments (steam and infrared sauna), hydrotherapy bathing, enjoying Vichy Shower, smooth vibration massage and chromotherapy. Adding the use of appropriate cosmetics to the treatments opens unlimited possibilities for aromatherapy, balneotherapy with hydro- and aeromassage, various wraps and peelings that can be combined with the heating and hydrotherapy sessions. All of the listed body care treatments can always be combined with face care treatments.

  • Can You use cosmetics in NeoQi® equipment?

Yes, the use of appropriate cosmetics will allow You to achieve better and faster results from treatments on NeoQi® equipment. For this, a special line of natural marine cosmetic with the brand name ESTí was developed, taking into account the characteristics of NeoQi® baths and energy cocoons. The French high quality natural cosmetics is produced on the basis of thalassotherapy and can be used, aside from NeoQi® equipment, on a regular massage table.

  • Are there any contra-indications to using NeoQi® equipment?

Treatments on NeoQi equipment should be carried out with caution. If You suspect any illness, or You are on medication, or have a negative anamnesis, please consult Your physician before using the system.

NeoQi® treatments are contraindicated to You, if You have:

  • A serious trauma, inflammation
  • Fever
  • Acute inflammation or allergic skin disease, wounds
  • Cardiovascular failure, heard disease, high blood pressure
  • Circulation disorders
  • Oedema
  • Large scars
  • Perception disorders
  • Malignant tumors
  • Communication disorders, which impedes feedback in case the patient feel discomfort or pain
  • Pregnancy


NB! The listed contraindications are not absolute. Before using the NeoQi® equipment, consult Your physician.


Maintenance and service

  • What kind of servicing does the bath/energy cocoon require? How frequently should the equipment be serviced?

The longevity and uninterrupted operation of Your device is ensured by its regular servicing, which includes cleaning, disinfecting and visual control of the general condition of the device after each use.

Routine maintenance consists of cleaning the water system of the bath and the steam generator of the cocoon. The frequency of maintenance depends on the quality of the water being used, and the frequency of use and workload of the device.

  • How to get service support?

If You have come across technical difficulties or malfunctions while using Your device, or You require technical support, please fill out the service request form

  • How and where can spare parts be acquired?

The spare parts will be provided by the company where You have purchased the device. You shall require the serial number and the purchase documents.

  • What is the warranty period for the spare parts?

The warranty period for the spare parts is 3 months.