«Shower of Impressions» – 30 min*

* does not include the time spent on preparing the cocoon for the treatment and cleaning after the treatment



Stimulation of the heat transfer rate, antibiotic immune activity, muscular relaxation (warm
up and relaxation of muscles), relieved pain syndromes in certain inflammatory diseases of
musculoskeletal system, regulation of metabolism and weight correction, restoring connection
between body, mind and soul; balance of inner energy, recovery of sleep disorders and
jet lag, normalization of gastrointestinal tract function, anti-cellulite effect, improved blood
and lymphatic circulation, toning and lifting of the skin, purification and rejuvenation, antistress
effect, normalization of hormone balance, especially important during menopause.


Preparation before treatment:

  • prepare aroma dispenser, add 6-10 drops of essential aroma oils from chosen aroma mix;
  • turn on relaxing music – depending on individual customer preferences.




Stimulating: Red, Orange, Yellow, White.
Relaxing: Green, Blue, Violet, White.

Products needed:

  • Mix of aroma essential oils (options: jasmine + basil + orange +
    mint; juniper + rosemary + lavender + orange; thyme + patchouli
    + eucalyptus+ geranium + lemon). Dosage: 1-3 drops of each oil.
  • Bath treatment cosmetics.


Treatment procedure:

  • check client’s needs and wishes;
  • explain treatment procedure;
  • inform when treatment is not appropriate (see separate page).



  • dissolve in water of 36-38 °С balneo treatment ingredient, turn
    on chromotherapy; ask your client to submerge himself in to
    the water;
  • turn on the air bubble massage function and alternately carry
    out hydromassage for desired zones of the body by using
    diverter of massage programs – 15-20 minutes;
  • while not turning off previously set features in energy cocoon,
    position massage programs diverter into hand shower/Vichy
    shower position;
  • activate Vichy shower function, alternately changing modes of
    exposure – 7 minutes;
  • by the end of the session offer

After the treatment offer the customer something to drink and the opportunity to relax.

It is recommended to take a course of 10-15 treatments, with one day of rest in between of the treatments.


Varicose veins and thrombophlebitis in acute
stage, acute infection, fever, kidney stones,
diseases in acute stage, skin infections.
Contraindications for usage of
Allergic reactions to citrus, individual


• inform your client that it is not recommended to have decorative
make up on skin – offer them make up remover;
• people wearing contact lenses or glasses are strongly recommended
to remove them before the treatment;
• give your customer an option to use water cap – during Vichy
shower treatment there is considerate possibility to get your
hair wet.