Air Bubble Massage

The aeromassage system affects the body in a very gentle way, despite the ample power of the air pump. During the treatment, a person experiences a range of unique sensations as if the body was being wrapped in a warm soft cloud of bubbles.

Air massage is not just a massage of the muscles and tissues of the body. Due to the fact that air bubbles simultaneously affect many nerve endings and receptors, there is an increase in blood flow, improvement in peripheral circulation, tissues and organs are being saturated with oxygen. Swellings are reduced, skin is thoroughly moisturized and its vitality is restored. Furthermore, regular treatments of air bubble massage has a positive effect on fighting with cellulite.

In addition, the air bubble massage is indicated to those who suffer from functional mental disorders, but also experience frequent stress and mental tension. Air massage will help relieve some of the painful sensations, neurotic state, relax muscles and become an active tool in the fight against insomnia, normalization of blood circulation.