Hydromassage, i.e. massage with water jets of different orientation, strength and temperature, is one of the most beloved and pleasant treatments.

It creates awareness of the body, reduces anxiety levels, gives a sense of well-being, improves the ability to monitor stress signals, gives a feeling of peace of mind, it also helps to alleviate discomfort caused by pregnancy, provides with a relaxed state of mental alertness, helps treat athletic or job related injuries, tension related headaches and post-operative rehabilitation.

The stimulating action of water and its absorption into the skin offers many benefits for wellness, rehabilitation and stress reduction.

Hydrotherapy is ideal for muscular relaxation, loosening and warming; stimulating circulation; easing pain by positioning the body in warm water and simultaneously using underwater massage; enhancing formation of endogenous hormones, reduction of the increased release of stress hormones; creating an element of psychological and physical comfort.

The hydrotherapy bath is carefully and ergonomically contoured, comfortably fitting around the body so that the pressure points are eliminated.

The bathtub is made of reinforced acrylics, specially tempered to provide heat and shock resistance. All surfaces are smooth and free of pores, making the tub hygienic and easy to clean.