Technical data


NeoQi equipment is designed for use in indoor conditions and cannot be transported or stored below 0 degrees C. The equipment should be used in a moisture proof room, ventilation is recommended, as in the working regime, the machine creates humidity.

It is recommended to have a general drain on the floor.

Doors must be wide at least 80 cm.

NeoQi® equipment cannot be used if the air contains FLAMMABLE ANAESTHETIC MIXTURE WITH AIR or WITH OXYGEN OR NITROUS OXIDE.


Electric installations of NeoQi® equipment should be carried out by qualified specialists or official representative of NeoQi® AS.

NeoQi equipment uses 3 x 2.5 mm² copper crosscut power cord. The power cord should be connected into the moisture proof junction box, which is located on the frame of the equipment.

Maximum power consumption varies depending on the model, ranging from 0.3 up to 4.6 kW.

Protective device current in front of equipment feeder should not be less than 20A.

The fuse rating used in the main external power supply circuit of stationary installed equipment: circuit breakers 20A.


The installation of warm and cold water inlets and drainage connections of NeoQi® Harmony equipment should be carried out by qualified specialist or official representative of NeoQi® AS.

Two water pressure hoses are required – one for hot, another for cold water. Depending on the model, the endings should be either ½ or 3⁄4 threaded. The length of the hoses depend upon the distance from the water inlets.

NeoQi equipment uses Ø 32 or 50 mm connections for the drainage on the floor and the water drainage hose, depending on the model being installed. The length of the drainage hose will depend on the distance from the drainage opening on the ground.

For proper functioning of the equipment, only clean tap water should be used. In case the tap water contains a high percentage of abrasive substances or rust, it is recommended to install a water filter.

Minimum required water level to operate the hydrotherapy tub should be ~ 1 cm above the back jets.

Maximum allowed load on the vibrating bed is 175 kg.