The Balance Energy cocoon is a versatile and extremely compact whirlpool bath, complemented with sauna functions. Small and functional as a full SPA complex, it is designed for installation in a corner of the bathroom.

SPA-capsule is a unique device with which you can get pleasure from visiting steam and infrared saunas, enjoy hydro- and air bubble massage, in addition to experiencing the beneficial effects of light- and aromatherapy. Balance has a powerful anti-stress and healing influence. By combining various functions and creating different programs, you can easily get rid of excess weight, pain syndromes in muscles and joints, as well as understand the spiritual and physical harmony of your body.

By using the Balance energy cocoon, you can enjoy the variety of SPA rituals in the privacy of your own home.




Elebath is the smallest hydromassage bath of all NeoQi products. Elebath offers treatments of hydro and air bubble massage, complemented by chromo- and balneotherapy sessions.  With a combination of tailor-made programs, one can treat musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system diseases, relieve muscle pain and spasm, decrease stress symptoms, fatigue, depression and effectively reduce weight. In addition to that, it can help restore skin elasticity in the most problem areas – thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

The Elegant design and a set of necessary functions for SPA treatments turn this perfect hydrotherapy bath into the complex for a smaller beauty salon, massage and wellness center, or home use. Elebath – compact as a bathtub, functional as a SPA complex.


The Elegance Energy cocoon is an innovative solution for the bathroom. Thanks to SPA-capsule Elegance you can enjoy relaxing and invigorating SPA-rituals at your home.

The cocoon is equipped with the best thermo- and hydrotherapy functions in order to restore power and energy after a long day, decrease stress levels and strengthen the immune system. The capsule has a beneficial effect on the sensory organs: hearing, sight, smell and touch. The combination of dry infrared and humid steam sauna, hydro-, aroma- and chromotherapy and has an astonishing heath impact, improving blood circulation and internal organs functions, slowing aging processes, normalizing the functioning of the nervous system, making the skin smooth and firm.

With the Elegance SPA cocoon, you can improve the state of your wellbeing by enjoying a variety of SPA treatments in the privacy of your own home.

* The Elegance received an ADEX Award from the Design Journal magazine in 2007. The Award for Design Excellence is given annually by the Design Journal magazine for superior product design of furnishings marketed to the architectural and design trade. The ADEX award is one of the most coveted design awards in the industry.