Aromatherapy promotes the healing of the body and the improvement of the wellbeing through the use of 100% pure and natural essential oils derived from plants and herbs.

Aromatherapy affects the body in two ways:

  • through the sense of smell (inhaling aromas, arouses the brain receptor areas of the hypothalamus, which control the emotional sphere of a person);
  • through penetration (active components of aroma oils, after passing transdermal barrier, enter the bloodstream and have a stimulating effect on the immune system).

The use of specific compositions of essential oils can reduce appetite, relieve the symptoms of stress and fatigue, improve skin condition (increase its tone and elasticity, relieve inflammation from acne, stimulate the production of its own structural proteins, etc.).

Essential oils are poured into the aroma dispenser and activate when the steam sauna function is on, enveloping the body with a fragrant steam cloud.