How it Works

NeoQi has been manufacturing high quality SPA and wellness equipment since 2001 for rehabilitation centers, SPAs, fitness centers, hotels, thermal spas, beauty and massage salons.

We have been ensuring sustainability of resources already for 14 years and after the years of work, we are still constantly thriving towards improving and perfecting our production and thus, manufacturing products that respond to the new demands on the market.

Throughout the years we have managed to create 16 unique models, each of it offering a number of functions that contribute to many health benefits.

After studying the needs of our customers, adopting skills and know-how of our staff – products of NeoQi include a combination of traditional SPA rituals and the newest technologies. NeoQi® energy cocoons promote rejuvenation, longevity and all around well being. The therapies are suitable for men and women, of all ages and fitness levels.

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