Steam + Hydrotherapy Session

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Steam and hydrotherapy session – all-inclusive 40 min*

* does not include the time spent on preparing the cocoon for the treatment and cleaning after the treatment.


Benefits: deep cleansing of the skin, acceleration of collateral blood circulation, reduced stress and tensions, activates metabolism, normalization of sleep and biorhythms, elevation of cellular fluids, boosting the immune system, promoting better skin condition.


Preparation for the treatment:

  • Fill the bath tub up with water (temperature – 36-38°С).
  • Add required amount of drops of essential oil into the water.
  • Prepare the aroma dispenser by adding required amount of drops of essential oil.
  • Turn on the music and LED lights that promote relaxation.


Colors of chromotherapy

Stimulating: Red, Orange, Yellow, White.

Relaxing: Green, Blue, Violet, White.



Stimulating: medium fast.

Relaxing: slow wave.


Products needed: Essential aroma oil.


Before the treatment:

  • check client’s needs and wishes;
  • explain the course of the treatment;
  • inform the client about the contraindications to the treatment (see separate page).


The sequence of the treatment:


HYDROBATH – 15-20 minutes:

  • Ask your client to submerge into the water. Turn on:

– chromotherapy;

– hydromassage;

– air bubble massage.

Also possible to perform short term underwater massage.


By the end of the time, help your customer to get out of the bath. Place on top of the bath vibrating treatment table.


STEAM SESSION – 10-15 minutes:

  • Ask your customer to lie down onto the vibrating treatment table. Close the hood and turn on:

– steam + infared sauna (the choice of temperature is individual);

– vibration;

– chromotherapy;

– face fan.


VICHY SHOWER – 3-5 minutes:

  • After the steam session turn on Vichy shower function.

By the end of the treatment offer your client an opportunity to relax.


It is recommended to perform 2-3 treatments per week, course of 8 – 15 treatments.


We recommend to combine treatments in NeoQi® with professional marine cosmetics ESTí.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]