Hydrofusion is the blended energy of infrared heat and steam. This technology allows you to use both of these natural energies individually or simultaneously. Together, these elements join forces to optimize body and skin cleansing, help rebalance skin moisture levels and promote the penetration of nutrients producing advanced skin care.

Steam and heat combined effectively (as in the NeoQi® cocoon) allow for the better absorption of nutrients in cosmetic products. Hydrofusion is especially well compatible with thalassotherapy. It is fact that the active interaction of steam and heat improves absorption and assimilation of active ingredients contained in clay, algae, mud and essential oils.

Thus, it is recommended to combine steam and infrared sauna in a single treatment for boosting the effect of treatment programs in the spa cocoon: for the nourishing, hydrating, remineralizing and softening the skin, shaping body contours and treating cellulite, relaxation, anti-stress.