SPA centre design

NeoQi offers the idea of a quick return on investment as well as a stable income business. Having an energy cocoon in an aesthetic, fitness and medical center allows to carry out a wide variety of necessary treatments within the space of just one room

NeoQi SPA capsules and hydrotherapy baths meet all the standards and have a particular quality and reliability. That is why our products are highly valued in 56 countries.

We offer a number of services which contribute to the prosperity of Your business:

  • Consulting on how to equip the SPA cabinet and set up the energy cocoon/bath
  • Consulting on building a stable and prosperous business
  • NeoQi equipment user training
  • Teaching the most efficient and effective treatments
  • Full and versatile marketing support of our clients
  • A range of specialized cosmetics, the use of which allows to increase the productivity of all the treatments several times
  • Service support
  • According to the customers wishes, we can equip the SPA capsule with additional functions and features, creating a one of a kind energy cocoon.

Employees of the company NeoQi always emphasize on an individual approach to the needs of each client. Through close cooperation with our partners, we offer optimal and thought-out decisions for your business.