The Niagara hydrotherapy bath is designed for preforming physiotherapeutical underwater massage. The bath has all the necessary features for treating and preventing various problems of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. In the Niagara bath, one can carry out manual or automatic massage with water jets, air bubble massage as well as classical balneotherapy accompanied by chromotherapy. The curative properties of fresh, mineral and seawater help to cope with stress, give the skin firmness and elasticity, normalize the function of the internal organs, and relieve muscle aches.

Niagara is the largest baths of NeoQi production, its ergonomic shape and anatomical design on the inside   ensures the maximum comfort for the customer, both in sitting and lying position. The compactness, reliability and ease of operation of the device provides/delivers ideal conditions for hydrotherapy.

  • 3 pump water-massage system
  • 1 air-blower system
  • 8 jets for feet
  • 6 side jets
  • 14 back massage jets
  • 16 bottom air-jets
  • Hydromassage
  • Air bubble massage
  • Hand-held jet feature for underwater massage
  • Hand shower
  • Color light system (chromotherapy)
  • Ozonator cleaning system
  • Fast water fill-in and drainage


The main treatments in NeoQi® Niagara

  • Air bubble and hydro massage represent the automatic functions of the bath. The warm water in combination with water streams or air bubbles relaxes muscles to the fullest from head to toes. Hydro massage effectively relieves muscle spasms, problems encountered in the shoulder girdle and the lower back, and is an excellent preventive measure against many other diseases. Water massage is extremely efficient is case of fragile blood vessels, as well as for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins of the legs, helps to combat cellulite, strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems, filling the body with energy. Mild air bubble massage relaxes nervous tensions, helping to cope with stress, irritability, insomnia and apathy.
  • Underwater manual massage allows you to offer a more customized, painless deep tissue massage. The built-in massage hose has different nozzles/heads and the water pressure can be adjusted according to the needs and state of the customer. Applied pressure can be observed on the manometer located in the immediate vicinity. The Spacious Niagara bath is perfect for performing physiotherapeutical massage.
  • Chromotherapy is based on the impact of colors on the psycho-emotional condition of a person. Healing with the help of light and color is an effective therapy that makes up for the lack of energy in the human body. Chromotherapy affects rapidly, immersing the customer in a state of harmony and helping one to find both physical and emotional wellbeing. A treatment with light perfectly complements and enhances the results of whirlpool treatments.