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Products for balneotherapy include classical sea salt crystals with different scents as well as creamy non-foaming liquid, which dissolves in the water perfectly without leaving any residue. All products contribute to active mineralization, effective detoxification and deep relaxation of the body.


Body scrub, being one of the most popular body care treatment, effectively cleanses the skin and removes dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and soft. The marine salt scrub is valued for its ability to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the skin, activate microcirculation, speed up skin cells regeneration.  For skin that is more sensitive there are also enzymatic peelings.


With the help of body wrap, you can achieve most striking and visible results of body care treatment. Seaweed wraps are one of the most effective and enjoyable means of combating cellulite and losing weight. Full body or local mud applications, contribute to the improvement of health and pain reduction. SPA body wraps with exquisite fragrance and delicate texture will provide incredible enjoyment of the entire body care treatment. Micronized consistency promotes a rapid assimilation of ingredients and vibrant result.

Body care

To finish your body care treatment, you can choose between several products of different purpose and consistency – modeling cream or light moisturizing body milk, oils and waxes for various massages, each with special scent, correcting serums and cooling gels for problematic areas.


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