User Safety

All products of NeoQi comply with the requirements of the European Union.

  1. CLASS

EQUIPMENT in which protection against electric shock does not rely on BASIC INSULATION only, but which includes an additional safety precaution. EQUIPMENT must be connected to the protective earth conductor in the fixed wiring of the installation in such a way that accessible metal parts cannot become live in the event of a failure of the basic insulation.

  1. Type B

NeoQi® Harmony Mediq belongs to the group of TYPE B EQUIPMENT, which provides a degree of protection against electric shock, which implies:

allowable leakage current (10 mA);

reliability of the protective earth connection.

  1. IPX5

According to the degree of protection against harmful ingress in the water the equipment provides protection against WATER JETS.

Marking is located on the bearing aluminum frame on the underside of the equipment.

  1. Certificate of Conformity

The CE Marking indicates conformity of the equipment with Directive 2006/95/CE and 2004/108/CE