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niagara wellness


The Niagara hydrotherapy bath is designed for preforming physiotherapeutical underwater massage. The bath has all the necessary features for treating and preventing various problems of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. In the Niagara bath, one can carry out manual or automatic massage with water jets, air bubble massage as well as classical balneotherapy accompanied by chromotherapy. The curative properties of fresh, mineral and seawater help to cope with stress, give the skin firmness and elasticity, normalize the function of the internal organs, and relieve muscle aches.

Niagara is the largest baths of NeoQi production, its ergonomic shape and anatomical design on the inside   ensures the maximum comfort for the customer, both in sitting and lying position. The compactness, reliability and ease of operation of the device provides/delivers ideal conditions for hydrotherapy.



Medica is middle-sized professional hydrotherapy bath, which is a good alternative to the Niagara bath. Medica has the same features, but due to its more compact size, it is perfect for smaller rooms. The hydrotherapy bath is designated for zonal massage by means of automatic water and air supply. All massage features of Medica can be complemented by chromotherapy that allows customers to deeply relax and receive positive emotions from the massage session.

The inside of the tub has an ergonomic shape with a profile for the back and thighs, and protruding armrests that provide maximum comfort to the client throughout the treatment.



Elebath is the smallest hydromassage bath of all NeoQi products. Elebath offers treatments of hydro and air bubble massage, complemented by chromo- and balneotherapy sessions.  With a combination of tailor-made programs, one can treat musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system diseases, relieve muscle pain and spasm, decrease stress symptoms, fatigue, depression and effectively reduce weight. In addition to that, it can help restore skin elasticity in the most problem areas – thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

The Elegant design and a set of necessary functions for SPA treatments turn this perfect hydrotherapy bath into the complex for a smaller beauty salon, massage and wellness center, or home use. Elebath – compact as a bathtub, functional as a SPA complex.