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Harmony Mediq is a multifunctional luxury class spa capsule. The variety of programs turns the energy cocoon into a unique and versatile physiotherapeutic complex. The combination of classical hydrofusion and hydrotherapy technologies with chromo- and aromatherapy methods are aimed at a quick and effective health improvement, reinvigoration and full body relaxation.

The Harmony Mediq spa capsule is an innovative and all-inclusive approach to a healthy lifestyle. The capsule is designated for weight loss, cellulite reduction and skin tone enhancement treatments, as well as deep relaxation, physical trauma recovery and various disease prevention. Owing to the versatility of the provided functions, the Harmony Mediq spa capsule is suitable for spa salons, sports, medical and rehabilitation centers.

A thought-out design, an enlarged and elongated ergonomic bed allow the client to lie comfortably within the capsule, ensuring free access of the therapist to both sides of the energy cocoon.

Mediq Oxy

The Mediq Oxy spa capsule is a powerful hydro- and physiotherapeutic complex that offers a full spectrum of wholesome spa treatments. The unique feature of this energy cocoon is the oxygen concentrator that it is equipped with, which imbues the skin with oxygen during the spa rituals. Enriching the body with oxygen has a rejuvenating effect, normalizes blood pressure, restores sleep rhythm and improve general well-being.

The spa capsule functions allow carrying out effective weight loss, body shape correction and cellulite reduction programs. Guaranteed results are achieved by carrying out treatments that are aimed at skin tone and elasticity enhancing, deep relaxation, quick recovery after physical trauma and different disease prevention. The energy cocoon creates a unique environment that helps battle chronic exhaustion and stress, putting the patient in the state of complete harmony and absolute happiness. Even a short session in the Mediq Oxy spa capsule allows fully resting and replenishing vital forces.

The Mediq Oxy spa capsule was specifically designed for spa salons, medical, sports and rehabilitation centers.


Harmony Pro is a SPA-capsule of a new generation, providing a wide range of treatments necessary for the invigoration of the body and solving number of aesthetic problems. Thanks to Harmony Pro, individually tailored complete programs may be carried out within just one cabinet.

SPA capsule has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. The stylish and modern case of Harmony Pro contains all the knowledge about the healing properties of water, light and heat. Users have and access to treatments of hydro fusion and –therapy, as well as the opportunity to affect the emotional state of a person by means of color, light, music and a variety of flavors.

Harmony Pro combines the latest achievements in medicine and cosmetology. This physiotherapy complex has been specifically designed for the needs of the spa, fitness and rehabilitation centers.


The SPA-capsule Atlantic was designed with all of the benefits of the Mediq model in mind, and is aimed at combining both recreational and aesthetic functions. The Atlantic energy cocoon possesses a wide and elongated ergonomic bed that ensures the customer’s comfort within the capsule, providing experts free access to any side of the unit.

Atlantic is equipped with all of the necessary functions of thermo- and hydrotherapy: steam and infrared sauna, as well as Vichy shower, which provide an opportunity to carry out a complex of the most popular and effective treatments in SPA salons. Chromo- and aromatherapy further enhance the enjoyable experience within the cocoon.

This updated system was specifically designed to achieve the best and most visible results of all the SPA rituals. After all, a perfect figure is, above all, a body that is properly taken care of.



The name of the Flamingo energy cocoon derives from its unique hood construction, which allows to open its elegant clear doors separately, ensuring the maximum comfort during the treatment, both for the client and the therapist. With its wings opened, the SPA-capsule resembles the beautiful and graceful flamingo bird.

Individually chosen programs are key to vivid results and complete satisfaction of the treatment. The combination of classic SPA rituals with the functions of the cocoon enables us to offer our customers the most popular and effective treatment programs for weight loss, cellulite reduction, body contours shaping, relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Flamingo SPA capsule has a number of technical updates in chromotherapy, infrared sauna and Vichy shower systems, through which you can extend the range of SPA treatments, as well as to maximize their effectiveness. Despite its versatility, the SPA-capsule Flamingo is very easy to use.



The SPA-capsule Dream is a carefully designed device, necessary for carrying out classical SPA rituals. Dream features the most popular and effective functions for body shape correction, improving blood circulation, cellulite reduction, stress relief and rejuvenation. Combined with advanced rehabilitation technologies, the above-mentioned options are supplemented with a healing effect, has beneficial impact on overall health.

The Dream energy cocoon provides a unique opportunity to get away from daily bustle, relax and forget about all the problems. After the treatment, the customer experience a burst of energy, better mood and sleep recovery.

Dream cocoon was specifically developed for body care treatments in beauty salons and day spas with limited room.



Saltarium is a compact salt chamber designed for people who appreciate privacy and comfort. Its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to stay inside in a sitting position, to fully enjoy the healing properties of halotherapy. In the Saltarium capsule, a special environment is created, free of allergens and conducive to deep relaxation. Sessions in the salt capsule help to quickly recover after a busy day, boosting the immune system and cleansing the skin, bronchi and lungs.

During a halotherapy session, a person breathes air that is saturated with salt aerosol. Halotherapy effectively treats airway disorders, such as bronchial asthma, rhinitis and skin diseases, has a beneficial effect on the overall psychological state.  Sessions in the Saltarium salt capsule help to restore the respiratory system of those who have given up smoking, strengthen the immune system of all family members and help to relax, get rid of irritability and improve sleep. A Built-in MP3 player allows listening to your favorite music during the treatment. Musical compositions are able to heal, activate brain function, have analgesic and relaxing effects.



The Bodybase massage table is designed for a full range of SPA treatments for body care. Offer your customers all types of wet massages, a variety of peelings, wraps, and thalassotherapy sessions with algae, salt and mud. The Bodybase massage table is also great for stone therapy – an ancient treatment method with hot and cold stones.

The construction of the table is well thought through until the last detail. An ergonomic bed with heating enables the customer maximum comfort during the treatment.

The slope of the work surface provides unobstructed water and cosmetic products drainage in a special drainage system that is easily connected to the general sewerage system. The presence of a hand shower ensures absolute relaxation and stillness of the customer during ongoing SPA treatments. In addition, the built-in MP3 player helps to create a special acoustic atmosphere, allowing the customer to immerse themselves in a pleasant world of dreams and fantasies.


  • Hand shower
  • Back heating system
  • Music system (MP3)


The Relax Energy cocoon is a high quality functional device that allows you to enjoy both steam and infrared sauna. Its ergonomic shape provides a comfortable sitting position, wherein the head stays out side and is not exposed to higher temperatures.

Chromo-, aroma- and music therapy functions complement each session providing a powerful therapeutic effect on the psycho-emotional state.  Choose a program according to your wishes, whether you want to charge your body with energy or offer it maximum relaxation at the end of the day.

The Relax SPA-capsule gives a unique opportunity to devote time to yourself by conducting both beauty and wellness treatments. Regular use of the Relax SPA-cocoon will fill you with energy, become an excellent tool in the fight with excess weight, and regain vitality and health.


The Elegance Energy cocoon is an innovative solution for the bathroom. Thanks to SPA-capsule Elegance you can enjoy relaxing and invigorating SPA-rituals at your home.

The cocoon is equipped with the best thermo- and hydrotherapy functions in order to restore power and energy after a long day, decrease stress levels and strengthen the immune system. The capsule has a beneficial effect on the sensory organs: hearing, sight, smell and touch. The combination of dry infrared and humid steam sauna, hydro-, aroma- and chromotherapy and has an astonishing heath impact, improving blood circulation and internal organs functions, slowing aging processes, normalizing the functioning of the nervous system, making the skin smooth and firm.

With the Elegance SPA cocoon, you can improve the state of your wellbeing by enjoying a variety of SPA treatments in the privacy of your own home.

* The Elegance received an ADEX Award from the Design Journal magazine in 2007. The Award for Design Excellence is given annually by the Design Journal magazine for superior product design of furnishings marketed to the architectural and design trade. The ADEX award is one of the most coveted design awards in the industry.



The Balance Energy cocoon is a versatile and extremely compact whirlpool bath, complemented with sauna functions. Small and functional as a full SPA complex, it is designed for installation in a corner of the bathroom.

SPA-capsule is a unique device with which you can get pleasure from visiting steam and infrared saunas, enjoy hydro- and air bubble massage, in addition to experiencing the beneficial effects of light- and aromatherapy. Balance has a powerful anti-stress and healing influence. By combining various functions and creating different programs, you can easily get rid of excess weight, pain syndromes in muscles and joints, as well as understand the spiritual and physical harmony of your body.

By using the Balance energy cocoon, you can enjoy the variety of SPA rituals in the privacy of your own home.