The SPA-capsule Atlantic was designed with all of the benefits of the Mediq model in mind, and is aimed at combining both recreational and aesthetic functions. The Atlantic energy cocoon possesses a wide and elongated ergonomic bed that ensures the customer’s comfort within the capsule, providing experts free access to any side of the unit.

Atlantic is equipped with all of the necessary functions of thermo- and hydrotherapy: steam and infrared sauna, as well as Vichy shower, which provide an opportunity to carry out a complex of the most popular and effective treatments in SPA salons. Chromo- and aromatherapy further enhance the enjoyable experience within the cocoon.

This updated system was specifically designed to achieve the best and most visible results of all the SPA rituals. After all, a perfect figure is, above all, a body that is properly taken care of.



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  • Infrared sauna
  • Steam sauna
  • Aroma therapy
  • Vichy shower

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  • Vibrating treatment table
  • Color lights system
  • Music system (MP3)
  • Face cooling fan
  • Hand shower

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